Garth Peek - Real Estate Broker


Pacific Real Estate Services

859 Willamette St, Ste 270 Eugene, Or 97401

Although I am relatively new to the industry, you can rest assured I will work tirelessly and successfully to offer incredible value for my clients! The ability to apply my intuition and good nature to the business ensures we will both acquire the desired results. Earning the respect of my clients through candid advice, utilizing the latest technologies, and employing the mature knowledge and support of our residential team with many years of experience, produces a fantastic result. My attention to detail and passion for perfection round out a deep desire to attend to your needs and produce an outcome my clients are happy with. You can count on me to match your energy.

At Pacific Real Estate Services we pride ourselves on using a team approach to Real Estate. We are aware of how complex, sophisticated, and personal an undertaking buying or selling a home can be. Allow us to offer you the full service and attention a team of experts can offer. We can all get excited about the results that follow!

My roots run deep here in Eugene Oregon as well as the North West. I've lived in the city for over twenty-five years, married and raised a family here. I can't say enough about the experiences and culture I've had the joy to encounter here. I'm an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, and whitewater enthusiast. Oregon has some of the most pristine and awe-inspiring waterways I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Volunteering with Willamette River Keepers has been an incredible opportunity and I'm always looking for new opportunities to give back and protect our greatest assets, the natural beauty we all have the privilege to enjoy here in the valley. I am also involved in the martial arts community and count it as one of my greatest passions.

Ferry street bridge neighborhood is where I've lived for the past eight years with my lovely wife, spirited son, and my best fur friend Kali the sweet if not entirely obedient chocolate lab. I'm a great person to ask about schools, food, shopping, and traveling tips.

In terms of Real Estate, my education is never complete. I continue to invest time, money and thought into the most up-to-date sales, negotiations, and marketing techniques. Would you like to work together? Now could be a perfect time! I look forward to hearing from you and developing our partnership of success.